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Book Club: You Are Here

For anyone else like me who has a really bad case of wanderlust when they’re at home or loves travelling, I’ve just finished reading such an amazing book. I’ve just come back from half a month of travelling in August which I’ll do another post about later, and the book/spiritual journal “You Are Here” really helped me to embrace the moment and really take in my surroundings; for anyone who has also read Eat Pray Love, this is almost like that but allows you to create your own story instead in a journal style.

People think spirituality has to be so serious but this journal is surprisingly fun for what it does, and keeps you hooked, cramming in your holiday photos and notes of what’s happened on each day whilst also guiding you through it at the same time to really appreciate every moment of your holiday/gap year/etc. I felt a real connection to the narration of the book and it is almost as if the voice I was reading was a therapy, providing affirmations, breathing exercises, and always reminding me of what is really important and how to take in the current moment fully.

It is great for travelling, but even if you’re not it does act as really a good guide for people on the path to self discovery and I’d recommend anyone to grab a copy to read it; it helped teach me to use technology less, be less self conscious around strangers and to take in the smaller things such as the sounds around me. 

You can also follow Sit Breath Love @sitbreathelove and the author Emma Clarke @emmabclarke on twitter, and to see more about this amazing spiritual guide or to purchase it click here. Thanks Emma for giving me the chance to read this on my travels!

My rating of You Are Here - A Mindful Travel Journal ★★★★★